6 Irex Companies Awarded 2014 Thomas J. Reynolds Award


May 2015
Six Irex Companies have been awarded a 2014 Thomas J. Reynolds Award for construction safety and health from The Association of Union Constructors (TAUC).
These companies include:
Advanced Industrial Services (DART rate 0.24)
Cornerstone Services Group (DART rate 0.00)
New States Contracting (DART rate 0.00)
Advanced Specialty Contractors (DART rate 0.00)
Atlantic Contracting and Specialties (DART rate 0.44)
Vertical Access Solutions (DART rate 0.00)
This prestigious safety award recognizes the outstanding achievements of these companies to minimize the number of work site accidents, injuries, and illnesses to their employees. To be eligible for an award, their DART rate had to be below 1.65 which is 25% below the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) national average of 2.2.
Congratulations to the award winners!

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